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Changes to rural bus services

A number of changes to rural bus services in Bedford Borough will come into effect from Monday 23rd July 2012.

During 2011, Bedford Borough Council re-tendered its rural transport network.  Following this, the Council has been in regular contact with bus operators, passengers and passenger groups such as the Bedford Area Bus Users Society to ensure the services are running as efficiently as possible.

Councillor Charles Royden, Portfolio Holder for the Environment and Transport, said: “At a time when many other local authorities are drastically reducing their support for rural transport, Bedford Borough Council is continuing to subsidise routes across the borough.  We know rural services are a vital link for many local residents across our rural communities.

“The changes to a number of services are being introduced following discussions with bus operators, users and passenger groups and will help to ensure our rural services are as efficient as possible while continuing to provide a vital link for those who rely on these services.

“We will continue to monitor all services and have already planned further meetings with rural communities to ensure bus services meet the needs of the communities they serve.”


Summary of Changes to Bedford Borough Council supported services

Service 22 - The BB1 service will be renumbered as 22.  The timetable is unchanged except that on Saturdays, an additional journey has been provided which will serve Knotting, Melchbourne and Yelden. Download a new timetable now - file uploaded 18th July 2012.

Service 25 - No change (but the timetable has been updated, to include revised Service 26 connections). Download a new timetable now.

Service 26 – The 15.55 Saturday and School Holiday Only service will now start at Sharnbrook as it does on a school day. Service will now additionally serve Knotting/Melchbourne and Yelden with one additional single and one additional return journey Monday to Friday.  An additional stop for Souldrop has been introduced in the afternoon. Download a new timetable now.

Service 27 - The 17.25 from Bedford (currently runs only Monday to Friday) has been withdrawn. A similar service is provided by Cedar Coaches Service 152, at 17:30 which serves all villages on route except Willington Loop and Great Barford.  Willington Crossroads has 2 journeys per hour on service 73.  Great Barford has 2 journeys per hour on service X5. Download a new timetable now.

Service 28 - Following discussion with passengers, the 17:45 Journey is re-scheduled to 17:39. Download a new timetable now.

Service 29 – Will now run Thursdays only. Leaving Pavenham at 08:40 and arriving St Neots at 09:40.  The number of passengers travelling on the service was very low with an average of less than 3 passengers per day, except on Thursdays which is market day in St Neots. Prior to August 2012, the communities served by the 29 either had no direct service to St Neots or only a single journey once a week on Thursdays. Download a new timetable now.

Service 30 - Monday to Friday service will be amalgamated into service 26 which will now serve Knotting, Melchbourne and Yelden. The service will serve the villages daily Monday to Friday and allow passengers 2 hours in Rushden.  On a Saturday, the service will be provided by new service 22.

Service BB1 - BB1 will be re-numbered service 22 - Timetable will remain the same as present except that on a Saturday the service will now extend to start at Yelden serving Melchbourne and Knotting allowing the residents just over 4 hours in Bedford.


Other local changes on the same date

Service 42 - Will have 2 extra morning journeys from Flitwick to Bedford (05:39 and 07:08) Monday to Friday and 2 extra returns from Bedford to Flitwick (18:30 and 19:35) in the evenings Monday to Saturday. Journeys operating at 09:50 and 10:50 from Flitwick to Bedford and returns have been cancelled. Download a new timetable now - this is the complete Ampthill & Flitwick Central Beds Council guide.

Service 44 - Will Have 2 extra Morning Journeys from Flitwick to Bedford Via the Railway Station (06:13 and 06:58) Monday to Friday. 2 extra returns from Bedford to Flitwick (18:20 and 19:15) Via the railway station Monday to Friday. Additional Bedford to Flitwick at 09:30. Extra Journeys during the day for the Doctors Surgery in Ampthill are cancelled. Download a new timetable now - this is the complete Ampthill & Flitwick Central Beds Council guide.




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