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29th December 2022 – Yes we are still here! BACK ISSUE NEWSLETTERS TO FOLLOW (Now being done by another person while I am continuing website).

29th Deember 2022 – Stagecoach and Uno are both participating in the Jan-Mar 2023 £2 Adult Single fare cap, but Grant Palmer is not. Read more about the offer here.  From the same date Stagecoach are changing their day and season tickets – see here for more details.

29th December 2022 – Bus services in Central Bedfordshire to benefit from £3.7million funding. See more details here.



30th April 2019 – Hello everyone, we have today published our Spring 2019 Newsletter. You can download this now as a PDF via

or the Interactive Edition at

For those of you who are due membership renewals, a pink renewal form will come out in due course. BUT if you’d like to print a copy now, click here;  or renew online via


24th December 2018  – We have today published our Christmas Newsletter, including festive period bus service arrangements. Hard copies will follow in the near future.

You can download this now as a PDF via or the Interactive Edition at

On behalf of the members of the Committee, may I take this opportunity to wish all members, contacts and friends Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year



2nd December 2018 – Newsletter 37 (Autumn/early Winter 2018) has been published today. You can download the PDF from or view the Interactive version at

If you receive a hard copy, this will follow later on.  Please see Page 4 for important changes about how these are being distributed.

20th June 2018Summer 2018 Newsletter, AGM 2018 and Membership Renewals for 2018/2019 information all updated.

22nd March 2018 – newsletter for Spring 2018 (and a Stop Press) all uploaded to Newsletter Archive, and we have new publicity too.

21st December 2017 – Newsletter 34 (and 33 already done but we forgot to mention!) added to the Newsletter Archive.

25th March 2017 – The long-awaited timetable library is now online, including a current timetable, and some advance information on the May changes. The current timetable includes all recent timetable changes, correct up to tomorrow (Sunday 26th March 2017). Simply visit and download the files as you need them, free of charge.

25th March 2017 – Newsletter 32 added to the Newsletter Archive.

13th December 2016 – our annual Christmas and New Year feature has been published, as part of Newsletter 31. You can download the printable PDF here, or browse the interactive edition here.

13th December 2016 – Newsletter 31 added to the Newsletter Archive.

28th September 2016 – Newsletter 30 added to the Newsletter Archive.

25th May 2016 – Newsletter 29 added to the Newsletter Archive.

25th May 2016 –  Annual General Meeting / Renewal paperwork are now online.


21st March 2016 – further to the list of changes in Newsletter 28, we now have a complete list of the changes by Wanderbus. This includes several new services, and a second bus. Find out more here.

16th March 2016 – we have Newsletter 28 ready, which you can get in the Newsletter Archive. The updates to Beds timetables will be ready in the near future. We also have updated the renewal/joining area, so it is more akin to that of an Online shop.

22nd December 2015 – we’ve been told about some short-notice changes in the Biggleswade area. Click here for the details.

16th December 2015 – BABUS Newsletter 27 for Winter 2015 is now ready, and paper copies are going out to all members later today. For now, download PDF or view Interactive edition

13th December 2015 – Our Online Timetable Library returns.

8th September 2015 – Grant Palmer Service 44 will shortly be serving Clophill. This was added as a Stop Press item to our Autumn 2015 newsletter, which can be downloaded here.

8th September 2015 – Our Autumn 2015 Newsletter (26A) can now be had online. You can download the PDF or view the interactive edition via the links. Don’t forget to also see the Stop Press to Newsletter 26A (26B) – see PDF or Interactive editions once again.

15th June 2015 – Our Summer Newsletter (26) incorporating 2015 Annual General Meeting Notice, was collected from the printers, and sent to members electronically today,  with paper copies to go out in the coming day.  Download a PDF of the newsletter/AGM notice here, or click here for the online interactive edition.

15th June 2015 – Memberships are due for Renewal for 2015-2016. More information can be found here.

15th June 2015 – Our 2015 Annual General Meeting will be on Saturday 4th July 2015. You can find out all the information here.

27th March 2015 – The new Bedford Bus Station is due to open this coming Sunday (29th March 2015). You can read all the information you will need about it on our special page.

27th March 2015 Our Newsletter has been despatched to our members in the past week. You can download the PDF version to print, or the Interactive edition online, via the links given.

24th February 2015 – our new look WordPress-based site has gone live. Please let Suzy know your thoughts about it!

19th January 2015Newsletter 24 has just been printed and sent to members. You can either download the traditional PDF or view an all-new Interactive edition.


19th January 2015Our Membership Brochure has been recently updated, including all the changes to the Committee of late.


8th October 2014Newsletter 23 has just been printed and sent to members. You can either download the traditional PDF or view an all-new Interactive edition.


8th October 2014Our Timetable Library and Contact Us pages have been updated, including details of the new committee.


2nd July 2014Our Annual General Meeting will be this coming Saturday, 5th July 2014. Click here to download the poster.

2nd July 2014Newsletter 22 is now online.

Looking for the older stuff? It’s on the new Archive News page – and also see our Newsletter archive.

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